Posted by Kevin Hicks on 6th September 2013
Today I had a great afternoon with St Pauls School, Coven.  In order to develop her student’s inquiry skills, Head of History, Andrea Potts had the great idea of showing the students a photograph this morning, of a character from history – in this case my Zulu Wars character, dressed in a fine red tunic complete with rifle.  The aim was to encourage the youngsters to imagine what questions they would ask the soldier if given the opportunity to go back in...
Posted by Kevin Hicks on 5th July 2013
Explore Black History month, with a great presentation based workshop on Slavery.  Combining history with a bit of geography, this workshop explores how people were captured, enslaved, transported and sold at various markets and also focuses on the reformists and the abolition of slavery. Pupils handle the manacles and chains used by the slavers and we also cleverly recreate the tight conditions that were suffered on board the slave ships to give students a better understanding of the suffering inflicted for the...
Posted by Kevin Hicks on 28th June 2013
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Posted by Julie Hicks on 24th May 2013
The Holocaust has been brought to life by local drama students who performed their most powerful and moving piece to date ….....                                   For most children and young adults born around the start of the new century, words like Auschwitz, Dachau and Holocaust remain largely hidden on unexplored pages of history – but not so for the talented drama troupe at Stagecoach Leamington Spa who touched...

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