Posted by Kevin Hicks on 10th August 2012
Many of you will know that we were hoping to shoot our film The Journey this summer but have found that we need more time to put everything in place.  It’s been a long journey for me so far but I’m still deeply committed to the project and want to deliver the best quality product possible.  I just want to say thank you to everyone for your support so far – and that I’ll keep you all posted.
Posted by Kevin Hicks on 26th June 2012
Berlin, November 1938. An average German Family waits anxiously at the dinner table; the streets have been in uproar all day. They know they're not safe but they are trapped. Follow them into the ensuing Holocaust as each tells, in turn, the story of their journey and see who survives.
Posted by Kevin Hicks on 27th May 2012
History Squad are about to embark on another co-production with award winning production company Blue Hippo Media to produce a film called “The Journey”.  Written by Kevin Hicks, the film is for use in the educational arena, which will promote themes around identity, nationality and community using the subject of the Holocaust. With historical accuracy we will be watching the lives of an ordinary German Jewish family unfold, causing us to identify and empathise with the characters.
Posted by Kevin Hicks on 19th May 2012
It was quite daunting to stand up in front of a packed hall of students of the University of the Third Age yesterday.  You could already tell many of them were historians in their own right, but as soon as I began my lecture on the Titanic, you could hear a pin drop.  When it was over, I was absolutely staggered by one gentleman who stood up to tell me that in all his days he had never heard such a wonderful...

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