Posted by Kevin Hicks on 18th August 2011
This is the true story of a British soldier who marched willingly into Buna-Monowitz, the concentration camp known as Auschwitz III.  In the summer of 1944, Denis Avey was being held in a POW labour camp nearby.  He had heard of the brutality meted out to the prisoners there and was determined to witness what he could.  He hatched a plan to swap places with a Jewish inmate and smuggled himself into a sector of the camp where he experienced at first-hand...
Posted by Kevin Hicks on 12th August 2011
After much deliberation and sifting through of some wonderful drawings of Roman soldiers and armour, we have chosen the winner which depicts a centurion by Alisa Gerasimidis from Wellington School. The prize for the school is a presentation Roman gladius, which will be presented on our next visit to the school in October. Well done Alisa.   Ailsa's Picture
Posted by Julie Hicks on 29th June 2011
History Squad are now taking bookings for the 2011/2012 season and look forward to hearing from schools both new and old.  To help you make more of your budget, we promise to maintain our existing rates for all next year’s dates providing you book before the 31st July 2011.   It’s a great excuse to get your diaries out and organise a fabulous day for your school.  Just go to our calendar page to see what dates you would like and email us...
Posted by Kevin Hicks on 21st June 2011
This Saturday 25th June, lucky winners of a English Heritage Father’s Day competition will spend a night at Kenilworth Castle, one of the largest castle ruins in England. 

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