Posted by Kevin Hicks on 11th November 2010
History Squad are helping to keep the memory of the First World War alive this weekend by supporting the Birmingham Pals re-enactment society to occupy the trench system within the museum grounds as British soldiers from around 1916.
Posted by Kevin Hicks on 30th September 2010
Not surprisingly the group from Priory Community School were very well behaved when they were treated to a fabulous tour of Chepstow Castle with Kevin Hicks, of History Squad as their costumed guide. The students were delighted by the humorous and grisly tales and at the same time were learning about life in the Castle and its defences.  Priory School is a regular with the History Squad and have already booked their tour next year. History Squad gives tours of Chepstow Castle, Goodrich...
Posted by Kevin Hicks on 29th September 2010
Many people remember Kevin Hicks as the Warwick Bowman, and will be able to recall his amazing archery displays and inspiring Agincourt speeches at schools and castles around the country.  But, whilst Kevin’s moniker of the “Warwickbowman” is remembered fondly, more recently he has become known as that cheeky outlaw, Robin Hood.  Having given thrilling performances beneath the Major Oak at Sherwood Forest this summer, even Russell Crowe would be impressed; Kevin’s skill with the longbow is unsurpassed.
Posted by Kevin Hicks on 29th September 2010
History Squad have just launched a competition, which is open to all schools that book the Roman presentation during this school year.We’re asking for children to draw their interpretation of a Roman soldier, based on what they have seen and understood during our presentation.  The drawing can be of a centurion or a legionnaire and can be labelled or unlabelled.  We want the youngsters to capture what they remember.Some teachers may want to organise their own class competition, in order to choose...

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