History Squad launches “Shooting Party”
Posted by Kevin Hicks on 29th September 2010

Many people remember Kevin Hicks as the Warwick Bowman, and will be able to recall his amazing archery displays and inspiring Agincourt speeches at schools and castles around the country.  But, whilst Kevin’s moniker of the “Warwickbowman” is remembered fondly, more recently he has become known as that cheeky outlaw, Robin Hood.  Having given thrilling performances beneath the Major Oak at Sherwood Forest this summer, even Russell Crowe would be impressed; Kevin’s skill with the longbow is unsurpassed.  

Kevin’s company History Squad are now about to launch their unique Have-A-Go activity called “The Shooting Party”.  Aimed at the exclusive party market, History Squad has put together a range of bespoke packages for birthdays and anniversaries.  The Shooting Party will give participants the opportunity to learn how shoot the longbow, crossbow and medieval hand-gun.  For the first time ever, people will be able to go hands-on with each of these amazing weapons in a combined manner.  

The longbow is an integral part of our history.  It was the law that every boy from the age of five should learn how to shoot the bow, Kevin will demonstrate just how powerful and effective these weapons could be, using his full size war bow to shoot arrows through a mail vest.  He will also demonstrate the large siege crossbow; a replica of those mounted on castle walls in medieval England. With the bolt pulled back using a windlass to achieve 700lb of thrust, this weapon is deadly accurate to a range of 300-400 yards....a sniper’s weapon of choice in warfare. a bit about the medieval handgun

We will be launching the Shooting Party with Have-A-Go archery on Saturday 23rd October 2010, where budding archers can learn to shoot like Robin Hood.   We will be supporting the Knights of Middle England in their first ever Amateur Jousting tournament at the Warwick International Riding School, Coventry Road, Warwick, CV34 5YD

The afternoon will be full of pony rides, archery, sword fighting workshops and medieval activities for all ages.  

So, for a taste of history and excitement, come along and you will have a chance to shoot the longbow with ‘Robin Hood’ himself.  Whilst Kevin can’t guarantee that you’ll be the next Robin Hood, he can guarantee excellent tuition and an entertaining experience.  

Admission to the tournament is free, but there will be charges for some of the activities.  

See our calendar for more details

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