The Journey
Posted by Kevin Hicks on 26th June 2012

Berlin, November 1938. An average German Family waits anxiously at the dinner table; the streets have been in uproar all day. They know they're not safe but they are trapped. Follow them into the ensuing Holocaust as each tells, in turn, the story of their journey and see who survives.

The above is the synopsis for 'The Journey' an independent film we are producing in partnership with the international award winning film company Blue Hippo Media.  Purpose made for the education market, 'The Journey' will illustrate to students the subject of the Holocaust which will enable them to think critically about history and its contemporary comparisons, such as Rwanda & Bosnia and raise understanding and tolerance whilst highlighting issues around identity, nationality and community. These issues are all very relevant in today’s multi-cultural societies. Once complete, the film, together with an accompanying education package will be used throughout the UK and internationally.

We've had a great response so far and in order to raise the balance of money to shoot the film, we would ask anyone who has any interest in the themes we’re trying to promote, to get in touch and support us.   Email us at for more information.

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