Titanic is Launched Again
Posted by Kevin Hicks on 1st December 2011

Today marks the launch of a brand new presentation about the Titanic.  I’ve been working on a Health & Safety project recently designed for adults, using history as a medium.  I was discussing this on Poppy Day with Miss Page, an English Teacher at Finham Park School, Coventry and she suggested I might like to try the presentation out on her Year 9 English group who are using the Titanic as a topic in their studies. 

So today I arrived (dressed for dinner onboard ship) with a few artefacts I’ve collected including an almost finished model of the ship with lights! 

The model alone wowed the students but when they saw me, resplendent in my dinner jacket, they really were impressed. The students discussed some of the individuals on board ship and I was able to add to their knowledge and also dispel many of the myths that have arisen through the Hollywood films.  I was also able to show the type of rivet used on the ship and explain how Titanic was built. 

The students seemed to get a lot out of the time I spent with them, there were no interruptions and all their questions were relevant, but there again, this is a good school.

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