Make history rock!
We know how difficult it can be to maintain student’s interest term after term, but a presentation from the History Squad can help.   Our customers see excellent results from their students following our inspiring school visits. 
Our lively presentations and workshops really get youngsters interested and excited about history.  We have a huge number of artefacts to bring into your school and plenty of hands-on opportunities for everyone.  We even have weapons that go whoosh & bang that are guaranteed to win over even the most disinterested students. 
Cross Curricular themes run throughout our presentations as we tie periods and ideas together so that pupils see how topics and events are linked.  We aim to raise standards and help students deliver real results by supporting the history curriculum; this is borne out by the many commendations we receive during Ofsted Inspections.
We cover history from the Romans right through to the Cold War & Northern Ireland; meet the Squad.  
You save time with an out-of-class experience in the classroom; no travelling means more time spent in the classroom and there’s no hassle for you either, because we’re completely self-contained, all we need is a table.
To offer value for money and make your budget stretch further, we can cover two different periods in a day, say Civil War & SS, which will benefit a greater number of students, making a visit cost effective.  
So for a history lesson with a real WOW factor, check our calendar for availability.  


Excellent results  -  Value for money  -  Hassle Free  -  Saves time  -  Follow up support available 

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History is EPIC!
Now you can have the History Squad in your school 365 days a year with 60 second histories.   We've created over 100 EPIC films for you to view online.  Visit our new website at now and register for a 5-film FREE trial.