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 With a proven track record in TV and film making, History Squad gives you the reassurance you need in hiring a presenter or consultant to work on your project.    

Presenter:  Having worked on many TV programs such as Blood & Guts (BBC); In Search of British Heroes (Channel 4) and Meat Shots (Goldfish Productions), Kevin’s talents are recognised best when he is presenting history with a true blend of passion and verve which has resulted in his own inimitable style.   

Consultant:  Kevin has assisted Bernard Cornwell as a research source for the character Thomas of Hookton for his fantastic trilogy of medieval novels: Harlequin, The Vagabond and The Heretic. Bernard acknowledges … “although I am a storywriter, Kevin is one of the finest storytellers I have ever heard”.  More recently Kevin was drafted in as a consultant to support an educational film project undertaken by the Rural Media Company called Roundheads & Cavaliers. 

Film Maker:  Talk History is an educational series, written and produced by Kevin Hicks in collaboration with OCR with the aim of bringing to life key moments in history through dramatic performances.  Comprising of a series of 10-15 minute monologues of characters from history, the films provide learners with an opportunity to put their learning in context, helping them better understand complex issues, which can be seen in their subsequent work.    

Our current projects include a collaboration with Oxford University Press to create more than 80 short films for their online learning platform Kerboodle.  We are also looking for partners to work on another educational fillm project independently. 

Let History Squad be part of your next project, call us now on 01926 613700.

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